Saturday, May 12, 2007

Iraq for Sale Banned Excerpts

Haliburton figures out how to convert War into optimal profit flowing directly into their own pockets. Halliburton is now moving off shore, many say to avoid accountability. America has been drained of money; our military have been spent to enrich the same corporations. Those profits are the whole point of the Grids.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Grid Point: The Power of Nightmares and the threat from within

There is an ongoing take over attempt of America, one that should shred the separation of Church and State that is foundational to our form of government. However, it is not Muslims who are behind that but Christian Reconstructionists; these Theofascists should be viewed as covert agents who believe in a theology constructed to justify their own greed for money and power.

Here is an article by a graduate of the US Air Force Academy who in the body of the article documents the fact that the Platform of the Republican Party of Texas calls for the end of the the separation of church and state, the substitution of the Bible for the present system of laws.

This would institute capital punishment for being gay, committing adultery or for being an unruly child. This renegade sect was funded by the NeoCons beginning in the 70s working through the Southern Baptist Convention. Misdirection is one of the oldest means for dividing those you seek to conquer. Don't fall for it.

59 min - Mar 25, 2007 - (114 ratings)
... This originally aired on the BBC in 2004. ...

banditosyanquis - 29 min - Feb 21, 2006 - (62 ratings)
... A documentary about neoconservatives and radical Islamists ...

BBC - 1 hr - Jan 5, 2007 - (125 ratings)
... Public Domain (2004) ...

Sunday, April 8, 2007

Hedge Funds - Upper End Thievery

To read the full article, "You may be Paranoid - but the SEC is out to get you!"

Welcome to Plantation America, where ownership is more subtle but as sure as any experienced by a shackled slave in the Old South.

Here are a few terms you need to understand before we get started.

Hedge Fund. This is an investment pool where a limited number of elite investors, usually 100 or less, invest usually one million or more dollars each. Many Hedge Funds are so exclusive that their minimums are 100 million for each investor. Hedge Funds are often described as "a managed portfolio that targets a specific return goal regardless of market conditions." Translation: To do whatever is required to bring in the money. Those "strategies" include several sophisticated strategies such as: short selling, arbitrage, hedging, and leverage. These are few words that disguise the meaning of "steal it" with more taste.

Short selling. This is selling stock or another commodity whose value is expected to decline. It has two flavors — naked and covered. Naked means to sell what you do not really own. Covered means you own it and you sell it, repurchasing for less after its price has declined.. Remember this because it’s an important part of the rest of the story! I should point out that this is illegal in every other aspect of life, but was declared legal by those closely associated with the Fed, the securities industry, and U.S. Treasury, which makes perfect sense if you understand what they really do.

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Saturday, April 7, 2007

Eric Shine - Whistle Blower

Lt. Eric Shine graduated from King's Point, the USS Merchant Marine Academy in New York in 1991. He began blowing the whistle when he noticed gross violations of the rules that were passed by Congress to ensure the integrity of American shipping and the rights of those serving America.

Officers in the Merchant Marine take an oath to protect the Constitution, not to lie, cheat or steal. Lt. Shine took his oath seriously. He was born and raised in San Diego, California and there was honored with the badge of an Eagle Scout.

In The Zone TV Whistleblowe.. A..
Shine-E Production
29 min

Friday, April 6, 2007

American Shipping - Eric Shine

The Transport Grid - One of the first grids the PetroElite decided they needed to control was transport. Transport falls into categories beginning with shipping. Transporting large amounts of goods over oceans was vital from Colonial times on. The entire petroleum infrastructure depends on shipping. Controlling shipping therefore enables the PetroElite to keep their costs low and immunize themselves from liability for toxic dumping. They also figured out early on that controlling the Merchant Marine meant they could stifle protests to their growing transfer of assets paid for by the American People into their own hands. Remember the Ports deal? That was one of the only times anyone noticed.

Corporations Grab American Transport