Saturday, April 7, 2007

Eric Shine - Whistle Blower

Lt. Eric Shine graduated from King's Point, the USS Merchant Marine Academy in New York in 1991. He began blowing the whistle when he noticed gross violations of the rules that were passed by Congress to ensure the integrity of American shipping and the rights of those serving America.

Officers in the Merchant Marine take an oath to protect the Constitution, not to lie, cheat or steal. Lt. Shine took his oath seriously. He was born and raised in San Diego, California and there was honored with the badge of an Eagle Scout.

In The Zone TV Whistleblowe.. A..
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Bear said...

Mr. Shine,

I've been following your story over the Internet for quite awhile now. From my understanding, you alerted the US Coast Guard to a dangerous situation in the engine room of the ship you were serving as an engineering officer and the inspecting Coast Guard officer dismissed your allegations. Then, all of a sudden, he declared that you were unfit for duty and then attempted to strip you of your engineering license. Is this correct? I'm unsure how the lawsuits and mental health issues started. Can you elaborate? A simple reply would be sufficient. Thank you sir.