Friday, April 27, 2007

Grid Point: The Power of Nightmares and the threat from within

There is an ongoing take over attempt of America, one that should shred the separation of Church and State that is foundational to our form of government. However, it is not Muslims who are behind that but Christian Reconstructionists; these Theofascists should be viewed as covert agents who believe in a theology constructed to justify their own greed for money and power.

Here is an article by a graduate of the US Air Force Academy who in the body of the article documents the fact that the Platform of the Republican Party of Texas calls for the end of the the separation of church and state, the substitution of the Bible for the present system of laws.

This would institute capital punishment for being gay, committing adultery or for being an unruly child. This renegade sect was funded by the NeoCons beginning in the 70s working through the Southern Baptist Convention. Misdirection is one of the oldest means for dividing those you seek to conquer. Don't fall for it.

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